Color Ribbons

Thermal transfer printing, the primary process used for bar coding, also delivers flexible, durable, high quality color tag and label printing on demand. Whether you’re adding color cues or printing small quantities, thermal transfer ribbons are an easy and economical way to add flair to any label. Let color relieve monotony of an all-black label and draw attention to your package. Be amazed by the possibilities color ribbons offer:

• Short Run Prime Labeling & Promotions – Our ribbons offer an alternative for low volume printing
• Inventory Tracking – A distribution center may use color shelf labels to key and identify stock keeping locations or regions
• Item Matching/Sorting – A manufacturer can use color bin tags to help operators differentiate between similar-looking components
• In-line Packaging – Print price, date and lot codes on flexible packaging in color so variable information stands out against dark backgrounds
• Brand Color Matching – Print nameplates and other variable information in your corporate color to maintain brand integrity

The Color Advantage

• More Flexibility – Thermal transfer printing allows immediate changes with no plate charges or minimums
• Reduce Picking & Delivery Errors – Color-coded thermal transfer labels make it easier to spot boxes for shipping, reducing double work and improving customer service
• S peed Up Processes – A thermal transfer color coding system helps ensure the identity of packages with a quick glance, simplifying sorting, speeding up operation and lessening errors
• Simplify Inventory – Printing full color labels on demand consolidates label stocks, reduces inventory and increases productivity

Our color thermal transfer ribbons offer excellent print quality combined with high durability on a broad range of paper and synthetic tags and labels.

• OEM compatibility for CMYK process and spot color printing
• Over 30 colors available for printing on most stocks
• Near edge colors deliver high speed printing direct on packages
• Print on industrial and desktop thermal transfer printers, imprinter coders and multi-head printers
• Ribbons designed for both flathead and near edge