At Barcode Label Consultants we offer a variety of different adhesive options depending on your application, environment and surfaces. There are a various types to chose from based on your needs.


Permanent adhesives are typically used for most applications.  They bond well to most surfaces and can withstand most environmental conditions, but it all depends on what type of surface that they are being applied to.

All Temperature/Cold Temperature

This is special adhesive that can be applied to most surfaces at temperatures as low as -20F.  It will adhere well initially and has good permanency at temperatures from -65F to 160F.  It is also FDA compliant for indirect food contact.

Food Contact

Designed to adhere to fruits and vegetables with edible skins.  Meets FDA 21 CFR 175.105 and FDA 21 CFR 175.125(b).

Removable Adhesives

When the label is removed it will detach in one piece leaving little or no residue.  Each one requires initial testing to ensure the adhesive and surface are compatible.  Normally a removable adhesive is recommended when the label has a shorter term life.  There are other removable adhesives available with longer term.

Acrylic Based

Exceptional adhesion to paper, metal, glass and plastics.  Not recommended for textured surfaces, wax corrugated and porous surfaces.

Rubber Based

Excellent for general purpose permanent adhesive with ultimate adhesion. Application temperature of +25F.  Service temperature range from -65F to +220F.  FDA approved for indirect food contact.  Brilliant performance on corrugated, paper, metal, glass and packaging film.