Labels & More

Barcode Label Consultants specializes in industrial and business-to-business applications. Our product focus includes thermal transfer, direct thermal labels, laser labels and EDP labels, pinfed labels, 4 to 12 color process labels, continueous fanfold labels, RFID labels, various synthetic labels and metallic labels. Also, labels for direct and indirect food contact.

When you need an added dimension for your food and beverage products, our metallic labels are an excellent option. We use a combination of transparent and opaque inks on metallic paper, foil or film to create a spectrum of effects. Additional coatings or over laminations make them resistant to water, chemicals and abrasion.

We utilize a variety of FDA adhesives which are approved for direct and indirect food contact and we ensure compliance.  Our quality control processes are designed to identify and eliminate flagging and de-lamination problems.

We have manufactured for our clients stock sizes to custom label products ranging from blank to 8 color process. Simple to complicated, everything from small quantities to extremely large quantities.

Please check out for a chart of colors that can be produced for your item.


Additional services we can have produced for you such as log tags, asset labels, warehouse labels, laser labels, freight pro labels, cards, tags, tickets and high speed in-line and four color in-line variable imaging. Static and sequentially numbered barcode items.

Produce Traceability

The produce industry in the United States handles and estimated six million cases of produce annually.  While most produce can be tracked from company to company through the supply chain process, the leaders within the industry realize that there is a greater, more systematic approach that will become standardized for easier, more thorough identification of each individual case of produce and traceability throughout the distribution channels to narrow the impact of prospective recalls.

The Produce Traceability Initiative is recommending the implementation of a standard protocol system, not unlike the use of a UPC code adopting the use of the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).  The action milestones for this initiative are outlined on the Produce Marketing Association website, which is

Barcode Label Consultants is a barcoding and label leader for pallet identification, carton identification labels with barcodes, sequentially numbering and incorporating your items listed in the recommended objective defined on the PMA website.

We welcome the opportunity and will work diligently in developing a custom designed configuration for your label.